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Allen C. Obi

Lead event Designer

Discussion facilitation
Corporate consultancy

Allen is the Founder, current Executive Director and Lead Event Designer of WNTT Inc. He has 8+ years experience in leadership and strategic organizing around the intersection of social, corporate, and educational culture.

Edward D. Chappell

Chief Business Strategist

leadership training
Corporate consultancy

Edward has been a serial entrepreneur for over 10 years and has found success in various industries. He is particularly passionate about designing corporate cultures that encourage teamwork, diversity, and growth.

Tyvon C. Odumodu



Tyvon is an expert marketer, brand ambassador and social influencer particularly skilled in priming attendees for the experiences we create.

Our reviews

WNTT's presence at USC Upstate was transformative for me as an individual and fundamentally improved our school's culture.
Samantha Harley
USC Upstate Student
We're bombarded by information in today's technological world but we rarely take the time to dialogue with the information we receive or stop to consider the opinions of others. WNTT is the literal manifestation of David Bohm's dream.
John Moore PHD
Philosophy Professor
Our biological and cultural history worked together to make humans a uniquely social animal that ponders the nature of our uniqueness, our socially conscious mind. In doing so, we reach out to others. We communicate and as we do we learn about ourselves, about them and that knowledge changes us. Simply put: We Need To Talk.
Marie Nix PHD
Psychology Professor

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No, your booking can be customized to suit your event or idea. Each of our designers are entirely capable of creating the WNTT experience single-handedly.

After your initial email with details about your eventĀ  and goals, we will create a custom invoice for your school or company. (a.obi@wnttalk.org)

Email us with school and contact information to get started (a.obi@wnttalk.org)