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On the Line

We use a live Likert Scale to challenge the idea of group-think.

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Words of Affirmation

We introduce attendees to an environment that celebrates artists and their art including spoken word poetry, singing, rapping, painting, sketching, and dance.

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Nature v. Nurture

Two PHDs debate opposite sides of this topic framed using contemporary prompts.

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The Table

Conversation game show. Can you remain on the table?

This or That Dodgeball

Defend your Opinion regardless of the odds

Genesis Conference

A series of presentations, exercises and workshops to build corporate and organizational comradery and cohesion.

Suit Up

This event brings students together with local professionals for a night of mentoring, growth, and connections. Attendees leave this prestigious event with a renewed and improved sense of self, new personal and professional contacts, and improved networking/ soft skills.