Listen, Upstate, #WeNeedToTalk…

                          Savannah Sondov  Monday, ‎August 15, ‎2016, ‏‎10:53AM ET

Founded at Lander University in 2013 by Allen Obi, #WeNeedToTalk hopes to foster an environment where students from all backgrounds can openly discuss a variety of issues that affect us all. Dr. Michelle Garland, advisor of the #WeNeedToTalk Upstate chapter, believes this is a critical time to bring the organization to campus.


“It is especially timely to start this organization on campus this fall given the current political climate and the state of today’s globalized world,” Garland said.


According to the #WeNeedToTalk website, the goal of the organization is to “…focus on issues that divide humanity economically, socially, culturally, and politically by bringing people of different walks of life together through events.”


#WeNeedToTalk is centered on unity, something Garland hopes is evident in the Upstate chapter. 


“This organization is about bringing people together, focusing on similarities rather than differences that are often only on the surface.”


Sharia Warren, director of the #WeNeedToTalk Upstate chapter, believes the organization will not only give students the opportunity to express themselves, but will also lead to greater understanding of each other.


“The voice of the youth is very important, therefore, I hope and believe that #WeNeedToTalk will make a positive impact on campus when it comes down to how we as students interact and understand one another,” Warren said.


The organization will also expand its reach beyond open dialogue among students.


According to Warren, #WeNeedToTalk will have opportunities for mentorship, networking events, and a radio show. For more information, visit

Savannah Sondov, 

Communications major, Class of 2017
Savannah Sondov, Senior Communications major, Class of 2017