Dr. Marie Nix  Tuesday, ‎September ‎24, ‎2015, ‏‎10:53AM ET

What is truth? What is fact? And, how do you know it?


Knowledge springs first and most intimately from our own personal experiences.

First-hand experiences.

We trust ourselves… our perceptions and interpretations… before we trust those of others.

However, it is the essence of the living creatures to explore and understand their environment.

For us, a significant part of our environment is socially contextualized.

Our biological and cultural history worked together to make humans a uniquely social animal that ponders the nature of our uniqueness, our socially conscious mind.

In doing so, we reach out to others.

We communicate

And as we do we learn about ourselves, about them

And that knowledge changes us.

Simply put: We Need to Talk.

Associate Professor of Psychology, Ph.D. University of Georgia (2002)