‘What is #WeNeedToTalk?’

Naquan Irby  @Muff_A_Rella  Tuesday, ‎September ‎22, ‎2015, ‏‎2:11PM ET

#WeNeedToTalk was founded by one of our own Lander students, Allen Obi, Senior business major with a Marketing emphasis.


#WeNeedToTalk is an organization based on topics that people aren’t comfortable talking about. “We tackle subjects that people are scared to talk about,” says the founder Allen Obi.


#WeNeedToTalk is not a new organization on Lander’s campus, they've been around since 2013.


Although the group is grounded at the campus of Lander University, the founder, Allen Obi wants to grow to include other collegiate chapters around South Carolina such as USC, Clemson, SCSU, etc.


Meetings are held every Thursday at 7 PM in our Cultural Center. New topics are discussed every week. The topics aim to get youth together in order to and share ideas and experiences. Allen says he wants the youth to explore different cultures and open their minds to different topics and how others view them.


Allen is working to make #WeNeedToTalk a nonprofit organization. He also wants the organization to be one of the most recognized organizations at Lander. His main target group is youth; no matter the race, background, or religion he says we are all ONE!


According to Allen we need to do away with “we’re not going to talk about it” and start talking about the issues that need to be addressed.



(Left) Naquan Irby, Junior, Mass Communications Major (Right) Allen Obi, Founder
(Left) Naquan Irby, Junior, Mass Communications Major (Right) Allen Obi, Founder